Plan to Profit: Start your Retail Business


Plan to Profit: Start your Retail Business

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Are you ready to make your dream of owning your very own retail business a reality this year? Then our 6 - week course is totally for you! In this course we will give you all the steps you need to take to start your retail business.

Here's what we have in store for you:

Week One: Vision and Mission 

  • We'll define your mission and vision and your "why" and how it motivates you.
  • We believe that when you understand these, the rest of your business will fall into place.

Week Two: The Nitty Gritty (paperwork)

  • This is where that hobby of yours turns into a legitimate business.
  • We aren't attorneys here, but we will let you know your options and how we set up our businesses.

Week Three: Creating your Website &/Or Storefront

  • We'll walk you through how to select the right site for your shop. 
  • We'll also walk you through how to select the best brick and mortar for your dream shop! 

Week Four: Become the Buyer 

  • You'll need to buy the merchandise for your shop, of course. So, this week we will break down the numbers and how to understand them to turn a profit.
  • We'll also give you tips of when and where you can find the best products for your shop.

Week Five: Merchandising: Learn how to Style your Product

  • Once your merchandise is in, we'll be able to style the items so they sell themselves. 
  • We'll show you how to style items for your online shop and how to layout your store too!

Week Six: Social Media 

  • We'll talk through all the social media channels so you know exactly how and why you should use each channel.

Our 6 week course, Plan To Profit: Start Your Retail Business is set to launch May 14th and we wanted you to be the first to know! Each week focuses on an important aspect of opening a retail business. From videos and homework, to downloadable documents and weekly phone calls with us, this 6 week course is sure to jump start your business! We give you the tools you'll need to make your retail dream a reality! We will be there with you the whole way through to ensure you have the support you need to create your dream business. 


This course will launch on May 14th at 9:00am CST.

Once the course is live you will be able to use your password to log onto the member only part of our site. This information will be sent with your receipt of your payment. 

The class will run for six weeks, once it is complete you will have 24/7 365 access. As we want you to have this resource available to you, whenever you need it.