Let's Get Down to Business

So you’ve made it through Week 1 of our 6 week program and now not only have a Mission Statement but you have created a Vision for your dream boutique! Well done, you!

This week we walk you through the nitty gritty paperwork that must be filed to turn that dream of yours into a reality. (Internal sigh), we know, not nearly as fun as last week! This is what turns your dream into a reality; your hobby into a business.

It’s super important to note that we are not CPAs or attorneys and therefore cannot provide you with the solution that works best for you. However, we can tell you what is required of you to be filed in accordance with the IRS.



Explore with week's resources to stay strong and work through it.

We want you all to take some serious time with these exercises. 


Ready to dive into a few questions?

Explore this week's material below and click the button below to open, download, and answer questions for your own business.


Alright y'all Week 2 is definitely a toughy, but it's so important for y'all to take it super seriously. 



You are so amazing and we just want you to know how proud we are of you! xo

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