Set Your Store Up for Success, Online and Offline

You did it! You survived the nitty gritty of week 2 and are officially a business owner!!! Did we just hear champagne bottles pop and feel confetti falling from the ceiling?! No? Well, perhaps you should have that cocktail after work today! Because you deserve it!!

This week we walk through forming your website or finding your storefront location. This is such an important week, so grab a cup of coffee, turn off any distractions and focus in sister! Let’s build your website!



Explore this week's resources and be open to both options. We just can't wait to hear about the kind of store you want to open!


Ready to dive into a few questions?

Explore this week's material below and click the button below to open, download, and answer questions for your own business.


Week 3 is done! You are killing it!

We hope you are feeling super pumped and excited about what kind of store you are going to have! We know we can't wait to see them!

We are so excited to chat with you all this week!


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You are so amazing and we seriously can't get over how proud of you we are! You're killing it!!

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