Welcome to Week 4, the "Glamorous" side of Retail: Buying!

This is by far the most important aspect of opening a retail store, online or brick-and-mortar. What you buy will make you, or break you; we don’t mean to be harsh, we just want you to get it right. Everything you’ve learned in the previous weeks about your brand and your ideal customer must be taken into consideration in every buying decision.

By now you know who you are buying for because you know who your ideal client is. You also know what kind of store you want to be by creating your Mission and Vision. So now, how do you decide what to buy and where to find it?



Explore this week's resources and be sure to keep them for future reference! As there's a TON of information you'll need for later. 

This week we want you all to read through all of the resources, print them off, and work through the problems and start dreaming about your new merchandise!


Ready to dive into a few questions?

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Week 4 is complete, can y'all believe it!?

There was a ton of information thrown your way this week, so we totally understand if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. Just know you have everything you need right here. And this week on the call we can definitely make sure you are feeling confident about what've learned, and discuss what parts you need help on. 

We are totally here for you!

But, if you're ready to move onto the next week, go for it!



You are almost finished with the course! Can you believe it! We can't either!

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