Style It Up With Some Sweet Merchandising

How crazy have these past 4 weeks been y’all!? We are so proud of you for sticking with us and working hard through everything to ensure you put your best foot forward. And speaking of, this week we are going to talk about Merchandising! This is definitely going to help put that best foot forward. So let’s get started.

Just a little recap first, you’ve created your ideal client, mission, filed all the things, decided on a website and or storefront (awesome), how to buy those perfect pieces, and now we’re going to talk about Merchandising, making it look GOOD!



Explore this week's resources and use your imagination, a lot!


Ready to dive into a few questions?

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Week 5 is DONE! You guys! You guys! Next week is last week! 

You are so so so amazing! You have totally rocked this course and we couldn't be more proud! 


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You are so amazing! And you have blown this course out of the water! You have taken your dream and turned it into your reality! How amazing is that! We are so proud of you!! xo

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